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Contact Us provides web-based content development and management systems that enable non-technical users to handle tasks that ordinarily would require a web master. By turning over routine content management tasks to others, IT staff can concentrate on things they do best, such as site design and integration of multiple content sources within portal frameworks. Benefits for IT departments include faster response to content development requests, lower costs for content maintenance, and improved perceptions about IT responsiveness by eliminating unncessary steps from the content management process.

Benefits for Content Publishers

For content publishers we provide easy-to-use web-based content management systems. Our web-based content creation tools let non-technical content specialists manage web content directly. Integrated channel managment tools enable you to cross-sell your content to aligned organizations and interested viewers, getting the widest possible audience for your materials.

  • Learning time for content creators is generally under one hour, even with no HTML expertise
  • No software to buy, be up and running in minutes
  • Easily repurpose non-web content for web use using automated content transformation tools
  • Content stored in SQL form for easy transformation into HTML, XML, or exported database outputs
  • Create RSS 2.0 channels for your content with no programming
  • Integrate streaming media into your content, including creation of Internet radio channels

Benefits for Content Consumers

For content consumers we provide centralized servers, SQL database services, XML outputs, and consulting services that allow participating web sites to access our content libraries as if they were their own. This allows even small sites to appear to be big players on the net.

  • Utilize high-quality content provided by syndication providers
  • Use whatever technology you want for your web site -- content is stored in SQL form for easy transformation into HTML and XML channel form for consumption by your preferred scripting tools

Benefits for Content Syndicates

For content syndicates we provide integrated systems that enable content syndication across multiple organizations or between multiple divisions of distributed corporations. We do this by providing web access to centralized SQL databases, XML applications, streaming media services including Internet radio, and content repositories that multiple web sites can use. Organizations that enter into affiliate arrangements with one another can use our automated content syndication tools to develop and exchange content with one another.

  • Create shared content repositories by joining forces with affiliate organizations
  • Turnkey operation of a vertically-integrated web-based content exchange system
  • Integrated branding and copyright tools
  • Combined log reports for content utilization across syndication channels

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