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This video is part of the Sāṁkhyakārikā Lectures in the New York Collection.

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Cites different words for purusha: drashta and citi-shakti

7:00 Quotes Patanjali YS 4.34. Remarks that a word is found in 4th pada …nirmana chittani. consults text:

15:00 Dr. Sharma quotes Vacaspati Mishra (while looking at the open book in his hands). Vacaspati Mishra is not in favor of involving the Ishvara in creation.

15:30 “Sankhya is not Sankhya unless is it connected with Yoga. Yoga is practical and Sankhya is theoretical Yoga.”

16:00 Udanaya does not believe in the existence of anybody who does not believe in God. He says they also believe in God because they speak aloud: “God does not exist, God does not exist.” [audience titters] They also utter at least the name of God. Can there be anything that exists without its existence? Nothing that exists has some existence somewhere …

18:30 Mentions Udanaya’s ‘Nyaya-kusumanjali.’

[Udayana, (Devanagari: उदयन) also known as Udayanācārya, (circa 975 – 1050 CE) was an Indian philosopher and logician of the tenth century of the Nyaya school who attempted to devise a rational theology to prove the existence of God. SEE: ]

The text he is discussing (Nyayakusumanjali, A Handful of Flowers of Logic) is available at