How to help with the R. K. Sharma Archive

You can help us sort through the many hours of audiovisual content that we are gradually putting online as part of the New York collection. All you need to do is occasionally watch a video and jot down a few notes about what topics it covers.

Many of the videos need to be sorted into subgroups. We do this by viewing the videos, writing a description of the content, and tagging them with keywords to make them findable. You can select from several categories of material. You can either review a video that has already been classified to make sure it is described correctly, or you can reach into the grab bag and try a video that we haven’t cataloged yet.

You will be given a link to view online. After viewing, send us a brief report on what the video covered, the audio and video quality, and if you think the video needs editing to extract just a portion of it. Your report can be an email message. If you want to be a more active member of the team, you can open a free account and enter your feedback directly into our content management system.

Occasional project meetings are held via Zoom to give you a chance to meet others who share your love of Sanskrit and this oral history preservation project.

A picture of a group of people working together to arrange an archive.
Working together to arrange an archive.