Croaking Frogs

The book Croaking Frogs is a guide to Sanskrit metrics and figures of speech. It uses contemporary teaching methods to explain traditional Indian Sanskrit prosody and verse forms.

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This guide to Sanskrit metrics and figures of speech can be used as a workbook for learning how to chant verses. It includes fully-worked examples of the most popular types of verse. The book has six sections:

  1. “Poetic elements in Sanskrit literature ” explains the extensive use of verse in Indian texts.
  2. “Introduction to Metrics ” gives a clear overview of Sanskrit prosody.
  3. “A Treasury of Common Meters” includes fully-worked examples of verses drawn from many sources.
  4. “Figures of Speech” explains similies, metaphors, and other poetic uses of language.
  5. “Figures of Sound” explains techniques that affect sound, such as rhyme and alliteration.
  6. A metrical analysis of the Hathapradipika, the best-known work on Hatha Yoga, is included. An Introduction to the Hathapradipika by Anthony Biduck summarizes key spiritual and philosophical ideas of Hatha Yoga.

Includes a Foreword by Consulting Editor Ram Karan Sharma, References, Bibliography, Glossary, Index, and Appendices.

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