University of Pennsylvania Lectures

This page is an index to lectures by Ram Karan Sharma made at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of South Asia Studies.The following recordings are unedited. Edited versions may be provided at a later date to remove silences and other irrelevant content. These recordings are provided by the courtesy of Deven M. Patel.

Alphabetical order by file

rk_sharma_ayurveda_1_21january2009.mp3 (77.7 MB, 1:22:54)
Question and answer interaction during lecture on Āyurveda.

rk_sharma_epic_sanskrit_21january2009.mp3 (5.9 MB, 6:15)
Comments on characteristics of the Sanskrit language as it appears in the epic literature, contrasted with Vedic and classical Sanskrit. Includes examples of how epic Sanskrit shows greater metrical freedom and deviates from classical Pāṇinian forms.

rk_sharma_intro_ramopakhyana_19january2009.mp3 (5.4 MB, 5:47)
Comments on the Rāmāyaṇa story as it occurs in the Mahābhārata.

rk_sharma_mahabharata_oral_tradition_4february2009.mp3 (12.9 MB, 13:45)
Comments on the tradition of oral poetry in the Mahābhārata. An experimental computer transcript of this lecture is available.

rk_sharma_mahabharata_sacrifice_21january2009.mp3 (8.2 MB, 8:42)
Comments on the original context of some passages in the Mahābhārata, including mention of some Vedic sacrificial aspects.

rk_sharma_penn_colloquium_5feb2009.mp3 (79.4 MB, 1:24:42)
Lecture on “What is Classical In Classical Sanskrit Literature”. This recording is being indexed by DP.

Keywords: Ramayana, Mahabharata, metrics, Ayurveda, Paninian, Panini