Śiva Sūtras

In this recording Ram Karan Sharma chants the complete Sanskrit text of the Śiva Sūtras and gives an overview of their meaning. The latter part of the lecture explains the sphota theory of sound as it appears in the school of Kashmir Śaivism. Dr. Sharma’s chanting was recorded on 17 June 2009 in San Francisco. In his commentary Dr. Sharma mentions Jaideva Singh’s book titled Śiva Sūtras which includes the commentary by Kṣemarāja. Before chanting the Śiva Sūtras themselves Dr. Sharma chants an invocatory prayer that appears on page 1 of that book.

Śiva Sūtras with introduction in English, chanted Sanskrit text with commentary (mp3, 128kbs, 26:35, 24.9 MB)

Below are images of the Sanskrit text of the Śiva Sūtras handwritten by Dr. Sharma. The first image shows Sections 1 and 2 (Śāmbhavopāya and Śāktopāya) and the second image shows Section 3 (Āṇavopāya).

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